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Let’s go see the Georgia Aquarium! Five different halls allow you to view the marine life from the local waters of Georgia and around the world. Playful otters and sea lions will bring a smile to your face, and the beauty of the 5 Beluga Whales will have you hypnotized. Gigantic whale sharks are exhibited in the Ocean Voyager Hall where schools of rays and tropical fish create a myriad of colors. Twenty-five percent of the public floor space has been dedicated to educating students of all ages who visit the Aquarium. Through the utilization of technology’s interactive and interdisciplinary techniques, students and teachers will have an enjoyable academic experience.

At the World of Coke students will learn while exploring the complete story—past, present and future—of the world’s best-known brand! For over 120 years, Coke has been putting its secret formula into bottles. Now, they have put it all in one amazing place. See the largest collection of Coke memorabilia in the world, have your picture taken with the Coca-Cola polar bear, and taste samples of Coke from around the world!