Patriot's Point

Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum, home of the USS YORKTOWN is South Carolina’s most unique and memorable attraction. It appeals to visitors of all ages and backgrounds. The message is presented in an interactive, hands on, respectful and engaging manner. Although our mission of honoring and educating never changes our options of meeting those goals is forever evolving. Get ready to explore and experience the ship affectionately known as the “Fighting Lady.” Our History and Science Educational Programs use the USS YORKTOWN and its estuarine environment as hands-on “real life” teaching stations. Meeting our Veterans is an experience exclusively offered in our program as is our Medal of Honor Museum. Uniquely woven into our curriculum is not only History, Science and technology, but Math and Literacy.

Living history, along with the “awe” factor of the USS YORKTOWN’s size, stimulating discussions with our volunteer veterans and the up close experiences with our resident creatures — all create a mind stimulating supplement to any classroom’s learning experience. Students return to their classrooms with a lasting impression thus validating the importance of off-campus educational programs. READ MORE